Cat Velez - 25th Sept 2015

Kévin Bray's avant-garde, 3D-scanned visuals for Gwilym Gold's Greener World provides a bemusing window into the artist's domain, taking us into trippy journey through his room. What's surprising about the technique is how the space becomes a canvas with a life of its own, a digital construction which can then be manipulated in surprisingly expressive ways.

Equally as interesting as the video itself perhaps, is the director's stated aim (revealed below) to achieve a greater level of intimacy between the artist and the audience. 


"The music video of Greener World is a reflection on pop music. "Pop music" in the broadest sense is always aiming to touch the listener on an intimate level while lyrics are constructed to connect to a wider audience. 

"The idea behind the music video was thus to look for a way to compensate for this constructed intimacy through true intimacy with the artist. I decided to shoot the music video in the apartment of Gwilym Gold, asking him to leave it in its 'natural state'. This idea of keeping it "real" has been extended to what Gwilym was wearing, the lighting and so forth.

"For each scene both the singer as well as the environment where he performs have been 3D scanned. Scanning a body, by its very nature, generates a rare and private moment between the artist and his audience. The framing of the video has been considered, in order to create tension between something that is at the same time both intimate and public - shooting him closely at the beginning to suggest to the audience that he may be talking to the person these lyrics have been written for.

"At the end you can see that he is actually singing, while looking at the camera - the fourth wall, the audience. The post production is then built up in order to illustrate the thoughts of Gwilym. His hesitations, his fear. He becomes unstable and unsure of everything, anxious. Wondering if his partner is not looking for a greener world. He is revealing himself trying to be transparent about his feelings."


DirectorKévin Bray
EditorKévin Bray
Post ProducerKévin Bray
LabelBrille Records
CommissionerJohn Hassay
Production CompanyGood Egg

Cat Velez - 25th Sept 2015

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