Cat Velez - 20th Aug 2015

Combining her skills in filmmaking and animation Sophia Ray has created some trippy street-dance Roger Rabbit-type madness in this zany video for Level 3's Feeling Your Love.

It sees dancer George Sesay visiting Rollerworld for an epic dance session with a colourful dance partner that emerges from the bright pink sweat off his brow. Yep, it's a pretty psychedelic little creature, who wizzes around, changes colours and finally even gets a bit scary and out of control...


DirectorSophia Ray
Production CompanyNice & Polite
ProducerBen Mealing
Production ManagerGio Forino
Director of PhotographyDan Mckenzie-Cossou
ChoreographyPJ Kirby
Lead actorGeorge Sesay
StylistJoseph Crone
Make-upMelissa Massey
EditorKonstantin Ermakov
AnimationMatt Lloyd
AnimationAlec Jagodzinski
PostJonathon Briggs
PostRob Slegtenhorst

Cat Velez - 20th Aug 2015

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