Cat Velez - 10th July 2015

Atriums' song Down By The Beeches explores the emotional ruin of a man in the midst of heartbreak, explored visually in its music video by James Lawes. It follows the man and his ex-lover, a woman dressed in black. She's transformed into an agent of death - with no weapon necessary. 

The strength of the piece is in part due to the gorgeous cinematography by DoP Malte Rosenfeld, with an image that is partly blurred and softened by what looks like salty sea condensation. The choice is remarkably effective, communicating the sorrowful tone of the music in simple, visual terms.


"As the song focusses on the disillusionment of a relationship, I wanted the promo to be about a break-up of sorts, though I didn't want to be too literal. For me, the song has a reflective, melancholic nature to it, so I decided to take that perspective when telling the story.

"As our protagonist returns to a place dear to him, he reflects on a failed relationship and the pain caused, but we represent that anguish metaphorically. By stylising the break-up and heightening the look of the antagonist, we play on the raw emotions one experiences at the heartbreaking moment a relationship ends."

Watch 'Atriums 'Down By The Beeches' by James Lawes' here


DirectorJames Lawes
Director of PhotographyMalte Rosenfeld
Focus PullerJulian Zarzoso-lowe
EditorSacha Szwarc
Editing companySpeade
ColouristJess Vile
Lead actorGirl - Charley Newton John
Director's RepresentationBare Films
Other creditsRunner: Dan Brown

Cat Velez - 10th July 2015

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