Cat Velez - 9th July 2015

Surf's up, dude. The Sacred Egg have given up their day jobs as creatives to become full time directors, and we're delighted to hear it. That hopefully means more music videos to come with Alex Mavor and Ed Kaye's creative flair, characterised by their killer combination of wildly entertaining and clever conceptual ideas. Like this one. 

Mavor and Kaye's video for Air man Nicolas Godin's Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde (which translates as Stay Away From Sin), features three chilled-out surfers all shot for real in South Africa, doing what surfers do. Well almost, given that these dudes are all zombies. 

The idea was to make a film that made zombie surfers into an iconic surf gang, where they should feel like characters in a Frank Miller comic. The video's strangely peaceful yet morbid atmosphere, paired with the mellow vibe of the track makes for a decidedly original video - beautifully shot by Ben Todd. 


"The idea for the video really did just fall out of the track. It sounds obvious but it doesn’t always happen with every track we are sent. Nicolas Godin's sound is so beautiful and atmospheric we knew that we wanted to make a black and white surf film.

"The zombie element came a bit later. It meant we could push it into a different reality. There's a lot of surf films out there but most are set in a world we already know. We wanted to create a world with it's own rules. Something that felt slightly more dream-like. Particularly at night when these zombie surfers could have their own set of rules and rituals.

"On a practical level shooting surfing isn't the easiest thing particularly when you have the added element of the costumes. Luckily for us we had amazing production team through Orange films in Cape Town. Not only did they did they find us waves, but costumes that held up in the surf."

Watch 'Nicolas Godin 'Widerstehe Doch Der Sünde' by The Sacred Egg' here

PRO Credits


DirectorThe Sacred Egg
Production ServicesOrange Films
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerSarah Boardman
Director of PhotographyBen Todd
EditorSam Bould
Editing companyBig Chop
ColouristRichard Fearon
Post production companyMPC
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel
CommissionerJane Third
LabelBecause Music
ProducerSonya Sier
Other creditsSurfers: Michael February, Simone Robb And Matthew Moir

Cat Velez - 9th July 2015

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