David Knight - 11th June 2015

It's certainly a no-frills production, but Matthew Connell still conjures a watchable and good-looking performance piece for Beasts' grungey My Girl Is A Serpent.


"For this video we walked into the studio at The Worx with a complete blank canvas as far as performance ideas. We began production on this single rather last minute, with conversations about making video only 48 hours before the shoot.

"So simply with two lights, a family friend of Beast's frontman Joe playing the role of the girl in the video, a 5D mk3 and a bunch of poly boards left over in the studio, we managed to film the video in just a couple of hours with a one-man crew."


DirectorMatthew Connell
Production CompanyFenixx Productions
EditorMatthew Hoare
LabelAvatone Records

David Knight - 11th June 2015

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