David Knight - 3rd June 2015

Edward John Drake's video for Daktyl's Cyclical is an interesting, rather controversial interpretation of a troubled relationship, shot in verdant Vancouver in Canada.


"Conflict is cyclical - you fight and you fight, until you just don't. The only middle ground is the make-up sex, after that you're just building towards your next confrontation.

"After a while you develop a sixth sense - you know when a fight's coming. You ready yourself, dig up old arguments, and then let loose. You always feel like the righteous one. You always feel justified. There's just no talking to people like that.

"Cyclical was a special shoot. We were granted permission to film in Vancouver's Alouette Lake/Maple Ridge by the First Nation communities of the area. Eight hours to film the entire clip. An actor arrived on set with a broken leg, halfway through lunch they said they had to leave in an hour.

"Love the label to bits. Mad Decent were super supportive, greatest of collaborators all the way through."


DirectorEdward John Drake
ProducerTim Latham
Executive ProducerAlex Hopper
Production ManagerTabitha Woodman
Director of PhotographyBenny Zenga
CommissionerJasper Goggins
LabelMad Decent
Other creditsChoreographer - Shannon O'Ferrall

David Knight - 3rd June 2015

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