David Knight - 28th May 2015

A girl swathed in chiffon increasingly battles with the earth and ashes from which we come - and will return – in Aidan Wood's fine video for Lamb's What Makes Us Human - itself a return to form for the duo known in the Nineties for their sophisticated drum and bass. 

The director, who has experience in motion graphics and live action, refers to the song's subject matter in a elemental way - making a connection between the basic building blocks of life and its ultimate expression. And the use of camera, editing and visual effects completely matches the music in terms of sensitivity and technique. A beautifully realised piece of work.


"Not only were Lamb one of our favourite acts, but their latest album dealt in large part with subject matter that we loved. The fact that the universe works in cycles, from the smallest of atoms to the largest of celestial bodies is strangely Buddhistic and all the while scientific.

"We wanted to reflect the complexity of the human condition, the physical, the emotional, but also the fact that we are all in a constant state of erosion, and the beauty therein.

"Despite the budgetary limits we managed to pull off some insane visuals, mainly due to the mind-blowing capabilities of the Phantom Flex 4K."


DirectorAidan Wood
ProducerTrine Thielen
Production CompanyLife Fire Films
Director of PhotographyLaurens De Geyter
EditorAidan Wood
VFXAidan Wood
LabelStrata Music
VFXCaner Salmanli
VFXBenno Verscheuren

David Knight - 28th May 2015

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