Cat Velez - 27th May 2015

Here at Promo News, we've been waiting patiently for the release of full uncensored director's cut of the Vince Staples video for Señorita. Forget the watered-down version on YouTube, because Ian Pons Jewell's bleak satire on modern America has to be experienced as it was meant to be seen.

Shot in an austere black-and-white, the video sets up a bleak, dystopian world in which the inhabitants of an American ghetto are overlooked by gun-toting guards in tall watch towers. The residents are prisoners - as if in a cage - but set out anyway on a dangerous act of defiance. A man recites Future's hook, holding up a prayer book with the Vince Staples logo embossed, leading a group of marchers who are gunned down one by one...

And if this commentary on the state of modern America wasn't extreme enough, the ending deliveres a final, disturbing blow. 


"This was my first shoot through The Swordfight. I couldn't have hoped for a better one. Nabil hooked me up with ARTium records who have an amazing roster of artists, and I then got this track through from Vince Staples, who I'd been listening to for a while. It was great to be doing a hip hop video again after so long, as those are how I started out back in the day.

"The general premise is very much inspired from reading some interviews with Vince, one line in particular that reads - "The way I look at music - especially urban music, black - people music, whatever you want to call it - is that we’re all in the zoo, and the listeners are the people outside of the cage."

PRO Credits


DirectorIan Pons Jewell
ProducerWhitney Jackson
ProducerJade Forte
Executive ProducerNabil
Production CompanyThe Swordfight
Executive ProducerJustin Benoliel
1st ADJonas Morales
Director of PhotographyMartim Vian
Focus PullerTroy Blischok
2nd ACYen Nyguen
GafferWill Elder
Art DirectorParis Pickard
WardrobeKristina Torgerson
Make-upChristine Elli
EditorDaniel Bochenski
Editing companySchool Editing
ColouristLuke Morrison
Grading companyThe Mill
VFXGloria FX
VFX ProducerTomash Kuzmitskyi
SteadicamDamian Church
VFX SupervisorAleksandr Yaholnik
VFXSergey Kravchenko
VFXRostyslav Pashchenko
VFXSergey Evstratov
Grade ProducerSamantha Letzler
Sound designGisela Fulla-Silvestre
Location ManagerAndrew Gardiner
VFX ProducerMax Chyzhevskyy
Director's Rep (UK)FRIEND

Cat Velez - 27th May 2015

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