David Knight - 2nd May 2015

The video follows a surreal, existential tale of cycles, an ouroborotic narrative about immortality.

We follow an older male, who kidnaps a young man. He removes his identity, and turns him into a young version of himself, allowing his identity in essence, to repeat it's lifespan. It's an odd, cinematic story, that deals loosely with an un-nerving DIY version of immortality.


"I was obsessed with this idea for a long time - I really like the concept of turning someone into you, as you face your twilight years, so in essence you can live forever. Your presence continues. It's creepy. It was an awesome couple of days shooting - the location was knockout, and Bill Hoyland (the older male - he's been in Star Wars!) was a dream to work with. Jamie, who is the singer of the band was also great (the younger male). He had an awful lot of things done to his face."


DirectorThomas James
Production CompanyBlack Teeth
1st ADKyla Simone
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Wearing
Focus PullerEve Carreno, Andrew Heron
GafferDamien Ansell, Chris Broomfield
Art DirectorJoana Dias
WardrobeCele Healy
Make-upJess Summer
EditorRyan Kent
Editing companyUNIT
VFXSimon Giblin
Lead actorWilliam Hoyland, Jamie Taylor, Sally Buckley, Rachel Bird
LabelRip Records
Make-upKerri Margo
Make-upNatlie Young
Other creditsProduction Co-ordinator: Kyla Bruce Grip: Charlie Wall DIT: Nelson Oliver Sound Recordist: Eoin Mahar, Phillip Walker Stand By: Natalie McCormack Jewellery Design: Ella Rose Bull Runner 1: Leo Thunder Buckley Runner 2: Anna Gwizdz Sound Design: Jamie Thomas

David Knight - 2nd May 2015

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