Cat Velez - 22nd Apr 2015

This performance-based video for The Prototypes' drum and bass track Pop It Off follows four street-dwelling East London kids on the hunt for something which the viewer is unaware of.

Aggressive, violent and determined, their search through derelict buildings and places of decay leads to the discovery of a mysterious gold powder that empowers them to perform the contemporary dance form known as Krump - a street dance characterised by free, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement. 

Topped off by some captivating, slow-motion shots of the gold powder working its magic, the video features top-notch camerawork which does an excellent job of capturing the expressive, powerful nature of the dance.


'Pop It Off' references the title of The Prototypes debut album 'City Of Gold', in a stylised manner, homaging the disastrous attempts of Sir Walter Ralley and his predecessors' quests to find the lost City Of Gold, El Dorado. Krump is an exciting and refreshing dance form which is exploding across the globe. Expecting these 'gangster' type characters to continue their streak of violence, they turn to Krump, which, although may seem aggressive, is deeply beautiful and evocative in it's spontaneous and experimental choreography.


DirectorBoris Thompson-Roylance
ProducerAilsa Vanessa Tapping
Production CompanyDeadbeat Films
Director of PhotographyJack Thompson-Roylance
Focus PullerMichael Hobdell
2nd ACLiam Wallace-cook
GafferAlex Rice
Make-upGemma Stafford
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
LabelViper Records
Production AssistantAlexander Äikäs
Production AssistantMike Howard

Cat Velez - 22nd Apr 2015

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