David Knight - 27th Mar 2015

Ignored by her hypocritical mother, and questionable father figure, a young girl is left outside her home in a south London block, as her imagination runs away with her - occupying time as she is kicked out of her house. She begins to watch and surreally play with her surroundings in her mind, as uncanny and odd situations develop within her imagination, to which the viewer becomes privy. We question the young girl's perceived reality, as we see her imagination deal with the various characters and themes within the video.

We begin to see the world through a surreal, rose-tinted and child like approach to the figures she encounters. The video portrays if one could see within the child's imagination, and the way she pieces together the world - albeit vengefully and strange on occasion.


"The shoot was a real learning curve. It was awesome to work with our lead Daniella - but I've certainly never had to convince a 7 year old to play with a dead pigeon before. She also read Greek mythology in between takes. An all round pretty amazing girl. We had a really tight, small crew on this, so everyone worked bloody hard, but did an incredible job. It was really important this piece was aesthetically grand, with beautiful, almost childlike and overly colourful palettes - I think we achieved this beautifully."


DirectorThomas James
ProducerKatie Lambert
Production CompanyBlack Teeth
Director of PhotographyBenjamin Wearing
Art DirectorJess Sykes
Make-upJess Summer
EditorMiguel Lloro Javier
Lead actorDaniella Raphael, Eirini Mo, Ashley Darkwood, Paul Owens, Lindy Pieri
LabelRip Records
Other creditsSet Dresser: Cadi Helene Stylist: Sophie Emmett Make Up Assistant: Sophie Davis Prosthetic Ear: Jayesh Ranavaya Production Assistant: Rosie Litterick Runner: Duncan Baird Casting: Sarah Dickenson, Rhiannon Mosen

David Knight - 27th Mar 2015

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