David Knight - 16th Mar 2015

Of his various musical collaborators - including Bonobo, Flying Lotus and Eskmo - the brilliant comic surrealism of Cyriak Harris has hardly had a more appropriate foil than Gong, a band that Cyriak himself describes as "a crazy psychedelic band I grew up listening to back in the grey world of the 1980s."

In fact, Gong have existed since the heyday of psychedelia in the late 60s, and still performing live and recording - this tune Occupy may sounds like it was made in 1972, but it's from their album I See You, released late last year.

However, the video now comes with attendant sadness for Gong fans, as the band's legendary founder Daevid Allen passed away late last week (March 13th), a few days after it was released. So as well as being the brilliantly wacky visual expression of Gong's music and their message, it now has a extra weight and poignancy. Even though Daevid Allen is gone, here's the proof that the irreverent, anti-establishment spirit of Gong lives on.   


"Here is a music video I made for Gong, a crazy psychedelic band I grew up listening to back in the grey world of the 1980s. The track is called "Occupy", and the video covers 13.8 billion years of capitalism, using whatever loose change I happened to have in my pocket.

David Knight - 16th Mar 2015

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