David Knight - 24th Feb 2015

French director/animator/illustrator Jérémy Clapin has created a delightful all-CGI animated music video for Florida band Hundred Waters for the track Innocent, about a robot vacuum cleaner on a spacecraft having big problems doing its job.

A mounting bug infestation - and crew depletion - is captured by on-board CCTV and the POV of the little robot - who's not exactly as homicidal as 2001's HAL, but is like a sort of accident-prone relative...



DirectorJeremy Clapin
Executive ProducerNicole Miglis
Executive ProducerMike Feinberg
Production CompanyFamily Artists
Line ProducerFortiche Production
Production ManagerDelphine Blaineau
AnimatorAudric Escales
AnimatorJeremy Clapin
CompositorJeremy Clapin
Other creditsModeling characters : Pascal Charrue Characters rigging : Yann Moriaud Environment modeling : Christian de Pedro et Matthieu Garcia Record Label : OWSLA / K7 / Traffic Lighting and rendering : Jerome Combe, Christian de Pedro, Matthieu Garcia et Léo Védel

David Knight - 24th Feb 2015

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