Cat Velez - 23rd Feb 2015

Jack White has employed an experimental approach in all aspects of his creative output, and has now released an engaging and nearly idiot-proof interactive video for That Black Bat Licorice, from his current album Lazaretto. Comprised of three parts, it allows the viewer to flit between three different interpretations at the touch of a key. Or rather, two keys.

The main feature, an ink-drawn animation by James Blagden work especially well with the live action version - directed by Jack White himself. Both are directly inspired by the lyrics and work off each other visually as well as conceptually, giving the viewer symbols and clues to decipher Jack's lyrics. 

But perhaps concerned that the video wasn't rock enough for a Jack White promo, Brad Holland threw in some rhythmic head-banging in the mix for good measure. 

Watch 'Jack White 'That Black Bat Licorice' by James Blagden, Jack White, Brad Holland' here


DirectorJames Blagden
AnimationJeremy Johnstone
DirectorBrad Holland
DirectorJack White

Cat Velez - 23rd Feb 2015

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