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Larz Randa 'Rangers' by Parallel Teeth

Jimmy Brown - 12th Feb 2015

Kiwi director/animator Rob Wallace - aka Parallel Teeth - visually and playfully mimics the clever stream of consciousness that is his fellow Aucklander Larz Randa's rhymes in his poptastic Rangers single.

After a one day shoot Rob then painstakingly hand-drew the playful designs and animation that meld wonderfully Larz's performance - a process that was two months in the making.


"We had both been following each others work for a while. Since we both live in Auckland we thought we should meet up and do something. We had quite a few meetings building up to the shoot where we’d bring along things that had caught our eye. It really helped set the tone for the video.

"Working with Randa was great. We have very similar interests across the board and he was open to anything I threw out there, so it allowed heaps of room for creativity."  

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Jimmy Brown - 12th Feb 2015


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Parallel Teeth

Jimmy Brown - 12th Feb 2015

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