Jimmy Brown - 3rd Feb 2015

Superfood endure take after take after take to deliver Zac Ella's vision in this multi-layered performance promo for You Can Believe. 


"It’s a straight-up performance video… with a little twist. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Create a path for the camera to follow; get the band to perform; film it; and repeat 25 times. Use every take in the edit - whether it was good or bad.

"It’s quite experimental… I wanted to see how many times I could make SUPERFOOD and the crew film the same thing until they got pissed off - but it was quite the opposite. The more we filmed the more fun we had. The bastards!"

PRO Credits


DirectorZac Ella
ProducerKat Cattaneo
Director of PhotographyMatthew Emvin Taylor
Focus PullerMalte Huebner
2nd ACMarcia Sousa
HairMaggie Forrest
Make-upMaggie Forrest
SteadicamAndrew Fletcher

Jimmy Brown - 3rd Feb 2015

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