David Knight - 12th Dec 2014

Shifting from producing to directing, Edward Mantle’s first music video takes Dan Michaelson on a boat trip into the middle of the English Channel for Bones, the second single from latest album Distance.

Working with Stil Williams behind the lens, Edward and producing partner Dani Rose deliver a simple story of loss and getting over heartache by physically exorcising memories.


“I've been a fan of Dan's since I saw Tareq Kubaisi’s video for Bust on Promo News in 2009. I heard he had another album due this year and got in touch. ‘Got no money,’ said he. ‘No one has,’ said I. And so I did him a treatment that we could film without any money. Someone rowing out to sea in a tiny boat in a storm. ‘Ok, let’s go for it,’ said he. ‘Shit,’ said I.

"It was probably for the best that the storm didn’t materialise and the sea was a mill pond come shooting day. Pulling it in for less than £2,000 meant our time was restricted by more than just the tides. We actually only had about four hours filming from the safety boat.”


DirectorEdward Mantle
ProducerDani Rose
ProducerEdward Mantle
Executive ProducerRoger Thornhill
Director of PhotographyStil Williams
Focus PullerKarl Hui
2nd ACJack Daniel Mills
LabelThe State51 Conspiracy
Other creditsGrip - Simon Battensby UAV Pilot - Roger Russell

David Knight - 12th Dec 2014

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