Jimmy Brown - 2nd Dec 2014

A young kid is the last person on earth after humankind has vanished, a young kid with superpowers that is... in Tim Fox and Dan Peters engrossing promo for Mallory Knox' When Are We Waking Up?

Played by 7 year old Reuben Bainbridge, Reuben makes new friends out of old buckets, flowerpots and cardboard boxes which he makes fly around the room then out onto the roof as they gather into the sky forming a sinister-looking globe, until he gets bored and things get rather poignant...


DirectorTim Fox
DirectorDan Peters
Production CompanyMonument
ProducerTom Mackay
Director of PhotographyTom Wright
Focus PullerCharlie Hughes
WardrobeSavannah Barthorpe
Make-upSam Boggia
EditorDan Peters
ColouristMel Keyzor
Post production companyCultlovesyou
VFXTim Fox
Lead actorRueben Bainbridge
Director's RepresentationJeni Raskin
1st ACDan Gaine
SteadicamLiam White
Production AssistantUgne Ciesiunaite
Production AssistantDominic Fox
LabelSony Music
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan

Jimmy Brown - 2nd Dec 2014

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