Davis Silis - 29th Oct 2014

Many have attempted to reprise the early 1990s in their video-making efforts. Some for purely sentimental reasons. Some through an attempt to experience an era long before theirs.

You know, how someone born today will inevitably stand around a cramped house party seventeen-and-a-half years from now holding a red Solo cup somewhere in the outskirts of Bromley (even Peckham is gonna be played-out then) waxing lyrical about how ‘Man, you know, they just really got it in 2010 with like, Instagram and like those Twilight movies’ (which will inexplicably turn out to be cult favourites… something about misunderstood youth and the charm of hammy acting, surely.)

The new ‘Yale’s Life’ video for Beverly by James Joseph Gunnar Larson isn’t that. Well maybe a little, but it’s such a perfect way to capture the texture of the song itself. Like the spirit of Julee Cruise ricocheted off Loveless and ended up with Drew Citron cooing us at the Bang Bang Bar, intercut with the band at Brooklyn’s version of the Packard Saw Mill, hypnotising you with their slow-motion carpentry as they casually drink beer. Living on the edge.

In fact, about halfway through, an eerie feeling sets in; any moment, you expect a 3-foot tall man to show up with a fresh pot of coffee, black as midnight on a moonless night, while he proceeds to tell you about his dreams and asks you if you’re on Snapchat.


DirectorJames Joseph Gunnar Larson

Davis Silis - 29th Oct 2014

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