Davis Silis - 28th Oct 2014

With a track called ‘Delorean Dynamite’ from Norwegian producer Todd Terje, it’s perhaps all too easy to assume what its music video incarnation would and dare I say, must be.

Obviously, you’d spend an entire day shooting a mint-condition Delorean driving around the countryside beyond Oslo on VHS and then proceed to blow the car up with dynamite.

Well, you’d be half right.

In what may or may not be a first for music videos, and considering the sheer brilliance director Espen Friberg has demonstrated in ‘Delorean Dynamite’ that’s a peripheral detail at best, this music video is in fact also a sales video. For that particular Delorean. Which is being sold by a guy named Frank. 

I’m not even kidding.

You meeting your soulmate on a train platform in Bucharest after steam has cleared the tracks one starry night is not serendipity. Serendipity is a guy named Todd who has a song titled ‘Delorean Dynamite’ and needs a music video to sell his song, a guy named Frank who also happens to be in Norway with an actual Delorean and in need of a video to sell his car, brought together through the bizarre application of filmmaking craft by a guy named Espen.

Forget gyroscope-enabled interactive 'if you hum a new harmony for this track using the accompanying iPhone app a flock of doves will be released over the Detroit skyline' videos. This. This is pioneering. Art and commerce. Together. Unashamed. Proud. In VHS bliss.

Ride on, Frank. Ride on.

At least until someone rocks up with that 279,000 KR.


DirectorEspen Friberg

Davis Silis - 28th Oct 2014

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