David Knight - 30th Sept 2014

Saint Saviour - that's former Groove Armada singer Becky Jones – continues with a track record of emotionally powerful music videos with Andy Berriman's video for Let It Go, the second release from her upcoming album In The Seams.

Initially it's all about a girl and a boy and the way they use dance - and a shopping trolley - to express their happiness. But things change, and the girl's ensuing emotional journey, condensed into the remainder of the song, is still palpable. This is one to go with Saint Saviour's great video for Reasons.


"I'd already thought up the image of a girl, a boy and a shopping trolley. Or stolen it from somewhere. Either way it seemed a fun, simple idea to play around with.

"Becky sent me the album to see if there was anything we could make, and 'Let It Go' instantly attached itself to that image. I said I wanted to make something for that track and she said there's already someone making something for it.
So we went and made a video for a whole other track, and in the process we talked about the trolley idea. I think in the end the other director had other commitments and it worked out in everyone's favour that I ended up making this one too.

"The idea really was as simple as: girl/boy/trolley. I asked Stephanie (choreographer) to come and do some work with Niamh and Lewis (the actors). What they were capable of and what Steph got them doing was beyond anything I'd imagined. Steph is not only an amazing dancer and choreographer, but just the best person to be around. Calm, kind and inspiring. Niamh and Lewis are such natural screen performers, so relaxed. Daniel (co-producer) introduced me to them and once I'd met them, I honestly wouldn't have made the video with anyone else.

"Ross (DoP) and I were shooting on the F55 for the first time. It pisses me off that every time I work with Ross, all anyone comments on is how beautifully shot it is. But, they're right to. He's a genius. Mike (colourist) really helped me out, as he always does. Mike is actually a hot-shot director. But he's brilliant at grading, and he's also the nicest bloke on the planet, and gave up an evening to work on it for me. I owe that man about 15 favours.

"Not forgetting Chris (AC), Victoria (make-up), Lauren (AD), Scott (general morale), Barbara (Niamh's Mam), PJ (who kindly lent us some gear) and Sam (Becky's manager). I know that to anyone else, it's just another music video. Hopefully one they enjoy, but it's not going to change their life. But I'm really proud to have been involved with this, and with these guys. So I'd just like to thank them for that.

"Finally, obviously, Becky’s music is just incredible. You could actually have a black screen for four minutes and I don’t think anyone would complain. She’s so good, I find it kind of surreal that I am making stuff for her. But long may it continue."


DirectorAndy Berriman
ProducerAndy Berriman
Production CompanyThe Night Thief
1st ADLauren Currie
Director of PhotographyRoss Marshall
2nd ACChris Middis
HairVictoria Hunt
Make-upVictoria Hunt
ColouristMike Lee Thomas
Lead actorLewis Cope
Lead actorNiamh Owen
CommissionerSam Stubbings
ProducerDaniel John Williams
ProducerBecky Jones
ChoreographerStephanie Bradbury

David Knight - 30th Sept 2014

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