David Knight - 22nd Sept 2014

An artist runs from death so she can finish her painting in Ontario-based Nathanael Draper's video for FrĀmz's Run Past The Future.


DirectorNathanael Draper
ProducerAlfonso Chin
ProducerNathanael Draper
Director of PhotographyAlfonso Chin
Focus PullerJames Healey
Focus PullerJansen Tong
EditorNathanael Draper
ColouristAlfonso Chin
Other creditsLamp Op: Gerry Sutherland Grips: James Healey, Jansen Tong Production Assistants: Maheen Sohail, Solomon Hsu, Angel Alvarez Cast:Letizia Vecchio (The Artist), Michael Root (Death/drummer) David Loti (Bassist), Nathanael Draper (Keyboardist) Special Thanks: Jansen Tong, Kelvin Tseng, Church At/from The Hollywood

David Knight - 22nd Sept 2014

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