Luke Tierney - 18th Sept 2014

Tom Palliser takes a look at the dangers of getting on your bike for Me For Queen's White Bike – a reference to the Ghost Bikes around London and elsewhere, that commemorate a cyclist who has died or been injured. 

Me For Queen have just released an album named Iron Horse - a cycling concept album. And this video is really about the psychological changes that one cyclist goes through when they see another cyclist has been hit. The affecting thing here is how this cyclist creates his own tribute to what almost feels like a fallen comrade...  


DirectorTom Palliser
ProducerAshley Cowan
ProducerDarren Emerson
Production CompanyEast City Films
Director of PhotographyAdam Terry
EditorTom Palliser
Lead actorThe Cyclist: Will Dollard
Other creditsProduction Assistance And Special Thanks: Nigel Campling @ V102, Ian Anderson & David Thomas.

Luke Tierney - 18th Sept 2014

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