Luke Tierney - 21st Aug 2014

Erik Gustafsson shows us just what a monkey trapped in a zoo wants to do, in this animated music video for Junior Sanchez vs. Bad Suns' Salt.

In it's entertaining and beautifully designed fashion (created in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Illustrator), Erik shows how zoos are great places if you're visiting them. But our simian hero is driven by his fury to escape. The irony is, when he does, he finds the grass is not always greener.... but it is on Banana Island!


DirectorErik Gustafsson
ProducerFilip Kiisk
Production CompanyRebels Studios
AnimatorCarl Bramberg
AnimatorErik Gustafsson
AnimatorRasmus Löwenbrååt

Luke Tierney - 21st Aug 2014

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