Luke Tierney - 20th Aug 2014

Jaime Pardo has created an engaging and artistic mostly-CGI promo for Dolman's Monobrow – a playful blend of stark geometrics, tattoo imagery and vibrating skulls that matches the track's tone and beat.


"I really loved Monobrow from first listen and wanted to make something that enhanced the musical nuances visually. Stylistically I wanted to create something quite trippy and menacing to match the track. I used a lot 3D CG (Computer Graphic) effects but in a way that hopefully looks more natural and not too digital.

"The whole use of skulls relates to an art project I’m working on, based on tattoo images reimagined as porcelain sculptures. I fused this with cinematic influences like dark sci-fi horror Demon Seed from the 70’s for the unfolding geometric shapes, and there’s also a David Lynch influence via the vibrating skulls.

"I’ve been really lucky working with DOLMAN. They were happy to let me run with a couple of weird ideas and make the film I wanted to make, which I think shows in the end product and is a process I’d love to repeat."


DirectorJaime Pardo
ProducerJaime Pardo
Production CompanySuburban Samurai
Director of PhotographyJaime Pardo
EditorJaime Pardo
VFXJaime Pardo
LabelInflexion Point

Luke Tierney - 20th Aug 2014

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