Luke Tierney - 19th Aug 2014

Following up the bizarre symbolism of Crookers' Able To Maximize was never going to be easy - but Dave and Max of Plastic Horse have managed it rather brilliantly for The 2 Bears' Money Man.

The sleazy and morally corrupt world of Western capitalism is represented as a huge machine, connecting the globe's sinister money men with some of our most notorious and sociopathic inhabitants - yes, we're talking Berlusconi, Blair, Putin... and the head of Boris Johnson. Fortunately, The 2 Bears are on hand to exact a measure of justice...


"After we did live visuals for The 2 Bears’ Bunga Bunga party at Greenman in 2011, Raf from the band asked us to make a video for the next record. He mentioned how much he disliked all that was wrong in the world.

"So we took Silvio Berlusconi and a heap of other dodgy/corrupt/horrible characters and put them into this world where the 2 Bears could exact revenge upon them!"


DirectorPlastic Horse
Production CompanyPlastic Horse
LabelSouthern Fried Records

Luke Tierney - 19th Aug 2014

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