Luke Tierney - 23rd July 2014

Can a dance-based animation be NSFW? Maxime Bruneel's 'Dat A Freak' for Diplo kind of is. Twerking, daggering and stripping combine in this all-round crazy animation based on the best real life footage out there.

Maxime and his team carefully rotoscoped each shot, adding a layer of design work on top. Tough job, someone had to do it...


Special ThanksNicolas de Rosanbo
DirectorMaxime Bruneel
Producer CompanyChezEddy
Line ProducerJuliette Delestaing
Line ProducerMarion Bayard
Design AdviceMaxime Bruneel

EditorDavid Poucet
StudioMaxime Bruneel & Hélène Jeudy

LabelMad Decent
Special ThanksChezEddy

Luke Tierney - 23rd July 2014

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