Luke Tierney - 14th July 2014

Kris Merc & Benjy Brooke direct The Peach Kings' Mojo Thunder video as a stylish black and white animation, loosely inspired by Sin City, which also happens to be a gripping noirish psycho-drama... 

While The Peach Kings provide the rock n roll, Kris and Benjy's video is liberally spiced with sex in the guise of an amply proportioned poledancer. But the driving emotion is not pleasure. The hitman anti-hero is haunted by the faithful hound he has killed in his grisly line of work.

In true film noir fashion, the dominant theme is guilt...


DirectorKris Merc
DirectorBenjy Brooke
Creative DirectorVikkal Parikh
Lead DesignerBenjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Kris Merc
AnimatorBenjy Brooke, Ellen Su, Zeynep Aydogmus, Scott Wilkinson, Arthur Guttilla, Yana Pan, Monika Norcross, Christine Kim
CompositorAdam Van Dine
EditorJeremy Baumann
3D AnimatorEmily Zurl
Storyboard AssistantBenjy Brooke, Takeia Dunlop
ProducerJames Howell
Executive ProducerKaren Hennegan

Luke Tierney - 14th July 2014

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