Luke Tierney - 3rd July 2014

Monsters rule in Philippa Bloomfield's promo for Dignan Porch's Forever Unobscured. Home movie VHS shooting creates an tongue-in-cheek Bigfoot feel, as we head for a very lo-fi Godzilla-style showdown in the Sussex countryside. Our monster guys separated only (and rather ineffectually) by the band...


"The idea was to create a 90's VHS style video with deliberately low production values and 'bad sfx', where 2 different creatures go on an epic quest to find each other, featuring the band as the weird woodland-dwelling beings they encounter on the way."

PRO Credits


DirectorPhilippa Bloomfield
ColouristMike Prior
VFXMike Prior
Lead actorRebekka Deighton
Production CompanyNTSH London
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave

Luke Tierney - 3rd July 2014

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