Luke Tierney - 2nd June 2014

Women can be trouble - but they're the ones who are generally the most fun. That's certainly the lesson from Misha Vertkin's video for singer-songwriter Daniel Greenwood's Easy Ride.

A young man is lured into leaving his country pub - where Daniel is playing - by a very eager femme fatale, who wants him to take her for a ride in his (father's) classic Ford Mustang. And he can't believe his luck, even if (surprise surprise) she has an ulterior motive...


"Despite the lack of budget, I was always set on something epic and big, so when the Mustang rolled into the picture I was a very happy man!

"The narrative is basically how imagine most young men relay their first sexual experience: soaked in cliché, guns and cars with a big dollop of Inside Llewyn Davis..."


DirectorMisha Vertkin
ProducerMisha Vertkin
Director of PhotographyTommy Reynolds
EditorMisha Vertkin
ColouristOllie Smith
VFXBenjamin Rosario
RunnerJake Heath
Make-upHolly Glassington
Sound designLuke William Hodsdon
Lead actorTom Babbage
CastLucia Young
Other creditsTitles and Credits: Tom Phipps MD of Smoke: Joel Bailey Ross Hutchinson and his awesome Mustang The Barge Oasis Cafe Rory Asten Bell Mike Orvis

Luke Tierney - 2nd June 2014

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