Jimmy Brown - 29th May 2014

Davis Silis delivers a montage of eye-catching graphics in his slickly-edited promo for Foolish by Adam Englefield and Jake Manson - aka Bristol-based production duo Blonde. Thats an awful lot of fruit...


"The idea behind this music video for Blonde is all about what happens when you lose yourself to summer love. You know that feeling, when all of your senses get pushed to the extreme. Everything you see, touch, hear, feel and taste is way more intense, and the rest of the world around you almost stops making much sense. But it doesn't matter, because you're in love.

"This video was about taking that feeling and pushing it to a more surreal, super saturated edge, in a way that mixes photographic and graphic images in one".

Watch 'Blonde 'Foolish' by Davis Sillis' here

PRO Credits


DirectorDavis Silis
Production CompanyBullion Productions
ProducerDrew O'Neill
Director of PhotographyMattias Nyberg
Director's RepresentationLock It In
1st ADGeorge Nels
Production ManagerSimona Boulding
Production AssistantPhoebe Longley-Cook
GafferHoward Davidson
ChoreographerAlexandra Green
Art DirectionSets Appeal
EditorTom Chick
PostDavis Silis
PostMartin Morris
CommissionerSam Seager

Jimmy Brown - 29th May 2014

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