David Knight - 23rd May 2014

Tobias Stretch has been creating wonderful films, carefully animating his self-made sculptural works (and more recently incorporating live action), for some years now. It's fully five years since his beautiful award-winning film for Radiohead's Weird Fishes. 

But as a combination of extraordinary imagery - and a storyline - with modern-classical track, Tobias's film to accompany composer Christopher Bono's choral work Unity could be his greatest achievement thus far. It's absolutely amazing.

'Masterpiece' is a big, important word. But sometimes you just have to say it.

Interview with Tobias about the video at The Creator's Project 


DirectorTobias Stretch
AnimatorTobias Stretch
Animation AssistantNatalye Barrios
EditorTobias Stretch
Other creditsCostume Assistants: David Hatch, Lisa Eckenrode, Amira Alexander

David Knight - 23rd May 2014

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