Luke Tierney - 21st May 2014

Stop-motion masterworks are hard to come by – the sheer amount of man-hours required are enough to put most people off. But when it works, it really works. And Joe Baughman was up to the task when creating this for The Roots' Understand.

From the moment a church organ starts playing the first notes of the track all by itself, Joe is toying with religious imagery - and its all brought together by a small figure made of dollar bills destined for the collection plate. 


DirectorJoe Baughman
Co-DirectorAndrew DeSelm
Animation AssistantJason North
Animation AssistantMatthew Erdel
Special ThanksDave Vermillion
Special ThanksKendra of Window Wonderland
Special ThanksTim S. Johnson
Special ThanksKyle Heffelfinger

Luke Tierney - 21st May 2014

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