David Knight - 7th May 2014

Ever since his fine video for The Maccabees' Young Lions some time ago, Peter Szewczyk has been periodically coming up with low-budget post-heavy gems.

His latest for Numbers And Letters' Tell Me was developed with the band's lead singer Katie Hasty, about a guy looking for spiritual fulfillment out in the desert – and making a remarkable discovery. But then getting rather more than he bargained for...


"During the long hours of post production on my short film Our Lady Of Lourdes, this track was on heavy rotation in my studio. I offered my services to the artist in the way of a music video, if I ever managed to find some down time. Well, nearly a year later, that time came, so I pitched a few ideas, all terribly somber and dramatic. The lead singer, Katie Hasty, has a strong background in writing, however, so she came up with some ideas of her own. She was keen to tell an abstracted story about a bloke trying to "find himself" in the desert. I was happy to develop her concepts, as they were very funny and colourful, so long as I managed to squeeze in a few wish-list items. I really wanted to shoot in the desert and I wanted to sprinkle in some surreal elements. 

"Since my background is in cinematography, I was looking forward to getting behind the camera again, and the Mojave desert provided an unprecedented canvas to shoot against. One thing I was not prepared for, however, was how fast the colours of the rocks change. They would go from yellow to red to green to gold, in just a few hours. Thankfully I shot the whole thing in Canon Raw format, so we were able to balance things out in the grade. Then I went home, and did a few weeks of post on nights and weekends. 

"The whole video cost about £250 to make, since all we really paid for was food, transport, and a lens hire. Katie and I shared producing responsibilities, and I did all the post myself. The crew was so small that they all fit into a Prius. 

"All in all, we are quite happy with how things turned out. The story might leave a few people scratching their heads, but that's the fun bit of music videos. They are all a bit bonkers!"


DirectorPeter Szewczyk
Production CompanyMathematic
ProducerPeter Szewczyk & Katie Hasty
Director of PhotographyPeter Szewczyk
Production CoordinatorRuss Fischer
VFX CompanyMathematic
Make-up DesignerLawrence Mercado
Sound designTom Deane
VFXPer Mork-Jensen
Lead actorJosh Mann
Lead actorEric LaCombe

David Knight - 7th May 2014

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