David Knight - 6th May 2014

Ninian Doff has always sworn that they existed, and now he's got the proof.

Ninian's acquired genuine rare footage of Wizard Cats, and made this intriguing mini-doc about the youth-teen cult thing that was happening a few years back in Brit suburbia, to show how frightening it was, and yet also how exciting it was... And added appropriately brain-splitting music by death-metal maestro Ben Christo, lead guitarist in The Sisters Of Mercy.  

This crucial documentary has been co-commissioned by DAZED and BUG, and was premiered on the big screen at BUG 42 on April 24th.

And Ninian has also talked frankly on DAZED, about his strange obsession with cats with capes...

Watch ''Wizard Cats' by Ninian Doff' here

PRO Credits


DirectorNinian Doff
ProducerRik Green
Production CompanyPulse Films
CommissionerDazed & Confused

David Knight - 6th May 2014

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