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Ryan Vail 'Grow' by Spiceburger

David Knight - 29th Apr 2014

Irish directing team Spiceburger – that's Ged Murray and Allyn Quigley, who made the real-sex promo for Bouts' Pliable Me last year – have now directed a poignant video for Ryan Vail's Grow.

A woman goes out on a road trip with good friends, her first steps back into the world after the tragic loss of a loved one - who speaks to her through the song.


"The song is written about a friend who passed away suddenly – both the track and EP reflect on the various stages of the man’s journey to death: from telling people that he was dying to dealing with it himself and finally understanding what was happening. We needed to make something to compliment this heavy subject matter.

"Since the song feels almost like a voice speaking from the grave we decided to focus on the person receiving this message rather than the one making it. The story focuses on a woman dealing with loss as she is dragged on a cathartic road trip by her close friends. Our decision was to keep the narrative as simple as possible and let the lyrics do the talking; to make something reflective where the audience take away what they want.

"Rather than making a piece that focused on death we wanted to make something about what happens after, about hope."

David Knight - 29th Apr 2014


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Director of Photography
Narayan Van Maele


Allyn Quigley


Eoghan Mckenna


Champion Sound Records

Other credits

Assistant Camera

Rossa O'Dowd

David Knight - 29th Apr 2014

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