David Knight - 8th Apr 2014

Luis Cerveró, one of the co-founders of celebrated Spanish collective CANADA, is now going it alone as a director. He's signed to Blink for ads, and Colonel Blimp for music videos in the UK. And his first post-CANADA music video for Liars' Mess On A Mission, is as extraordinary as his great work with the Barcelona-based team.  

And it's a departure. Luis explains in an interview with Urban Outfitters - who commissioned the video as part of their UO Music Video series that he hates green-screen shoots. But he certainly embraces greenscreen here: we have a pattern of repetition only made possible by greenscreen, and motion control. 

As the band repeat the same backward-upward step move, with a different background, holding different objects, Mess On A Mission captures a dream-nightmare quality, and also a cartoonish element, that has been present in various Liars videos. This confirms they are a great music video-making band prepared to experiment and take risks. And it helps when you're working with a hugely talented, risk-taking director.


DirectorLuis Cerveró

David Knight - 8th Apr 2014

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