Jimmy Brown - 25th Mar 2014

Set on a rough London estate, Daniel Broadley's promo for The Hoosiers' Make Or Break (You Gotta Know) documents four troubled girls who all find an escape trough the art of dance - venting their frustration at their grim situation through movement. 


"I wanted to create a piece that juxtaposed a location and the characters within it against an upbeat positive song, using dance to tie it all together and allow for the visuals to correspond with the music.

"I was blessed to be able to work with DOP Jamie Michael Korn on this project who realised my vision in such a beautiful way, harnessing natural light and crafting it around the characters using anamorphic lenses".

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Broadley
ProducerJamie Whymark
Director of PhotographyJamie Korn
Director's RepresentationNathan Killham
Focus PullerOzi Oshiro
StylistMarina Ablett
Production AssistantBen Ogunbiyi

Jimmy Brown - 25th Mar 2014

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