David Knight - 25th Mar 2014

Sam Bailey's latest video for his band Francobollo looks like one thing - a hidden camera show spoof, involving a bandmember, a brick and a small child. And then swings into something else entirely – a very unlikely love affair... 

SAM BAILEY: "We only had 48 hours to create this whilst on tour in Sweden, so we wanted to create a good old fashioned hidden-camera practical joke video.

"Originally the video was going to be a supercut of lots of people reacting to the brick being thrown - their reactions were always incredibly animated and flaily. But I felt TERRIBLE doing it, and would be overly apologetic afterwards.

"Thinking about it, I always hated hidden camera shows. I'd feel so sorry for everyone who'd been Punk'd, X'd or Beadle'd. So the idea developed in a short amount of time."


DirectorSam Bailey
CommissionerSimba Bhebhe / Dave Reilly
LabelMoonshiner Records
Other creditsCast: Francobollo, Gertrud, Ebba, Roger, Mia, Lotte, Johanna, Klara, Kalle Folke Brick supplied by: V/H/YES (Rob Brandon and Amer Chadha-Patel)

David Knight - 25th Mar 2014

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