David Knight - 25th Mar 2014

Takashi Ohashi is a Japanese motion designer who's previous work includes the delightful animated circuit-board video for Megu Patron's Pari Pa-Ri. And confirmation that Takashi really is an exceptional designer as much as an animator is entirely borne out by his new music video for Fhána's Kotonoha Breakdown.

With character design by 'yuzusa purplecentipede', it's a graphic reflection on the use of text messaging in Japan – and how it's changed since the earthquake and tsunami in 2011   

"Since that day, the way of communication by the SNS has changed [in Japan]," says Takashi. "Fhána is a musician, wrote a song that sang [about] the transience of words. I also expressed an animation of their feelings."


DirectorTakashi Ohashi
AnimatorTakashi Ohashi
Other creditsCharacter designer: Yuzusa Purplecentipede Label: U/M/A/A .inc umaa.net/

David Knight - 25th Mar 2014

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