David Knight - 19th Mar 2014

“The smiling blonde white woman is the most exploited image in the world,” said Erika M Anderson aka EMA, when asked to explain So Blonde, and the video directed by Vice Cooler, with contributions for 'queen of Tumblr' Molly Soda. 

“How many bits do we have to reduce the dancing blonde babe to before she is no longer a symbol of sexiness? At what point do tits become simply bits?  And who owns the sparkly dolphin anyway?” 

With these important questions in mind, Erika, Vice and Molly set about creating a video that merges reality with that other version we find online. So obviously they went to Venice Beach to shoot the video.

VICE COOLER: "Venice has always been one of my favourite spots in the world; a magical place where no matter how much these rich assholes try to clean it up and present it as something it is not, it’s still this trashy beach landscape.

"In this part of California culture, real life and cartoons are a very blurry line. Luckily EMA presented an idea where we could run wild with this; making this whole video full with deep/shallow commentary on the obsessive and weird culture that we are a part of.”


DirectorVice Cooler
Director of PhotographyDalton Blanco
After EffectsTony Stockert
ColouristBossi Baker
Production AssistantDavid Scott Stone
Hair & Make-upErika Diehl
Other creditsGif art: Molly Soda AD + B Roll: Adam Franklin Extra: George Nava

David Knight - 19th Mar 2014

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