David Knight - 7th Mar 2014

Antony Barkworth-Knight's rotoscope-on-paper animation for Fitzroy North's White Paint got him noticed, and he's repeated the technique since. But with his new video for Fitzoy North it's all change. For Realization he's dispensed with the long painstaking weeks of drawing. Instead its his live action debut - featuring a motley yet charming crew of rapping glove puppets.

But it also took quite a while to make. This full-on puppet riot was filmed in Barcelona and Manchester over two months. Despite it's ultra lo-fi look it's was no small feat. The rap itself was shot with Manchester actor, clown and puppeteer, Cathy Shiel, no fewer than 40 times across locations in Manchester's northern quarter. The puppets in the video are interpretations of the crew and friends of the artist.


DirectorAntony Barkworth-Knight
ProducerJürgen Howler
EditorAntony Barkworth-Knight
Production CompanyGlass Fish
CommissionerTom Watt
LabelTiburoni Records
PuppeteerCathy Shiel
PuppeteerMatthew Melbourne
PuppeteerKatie McCardle
PuppeteerAnna Baatz
PuppeteerJo Gore
PuppeteerTom Watt

David Knight - 7th Mar 2014

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