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The Head And The Heart 'Another Story' by Andrew Hines

Luke Tierney - 26th Feb 2014

Documenting the relationship between two young women in a more repressive time – and the origins of the selfie – The Head And The Heart's Another Story has inspired a very touching video from Andrew Hines.

Although not explicitly shown sparks seem to fly between two young ladies while singer Jonathan Russell narrates. Whether they were just good friends or more is irrelevant when brought to the present day where the lady once in love holds tight her memories both physically and mentally.

Shot well by Jeff Bierman, the interest is in the details – the hair styles, clothes, cars, bicycles – all transporting you to America in the 50s.

• Check out Luke Tierney's blog, Word Is Cheap, or his Twitter @wordischeap, for more thoughts on his favourite music videos.

Luke Tierney - 26th Feb 2014

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Andrew Hines
Tyler Stubbs
Production Company
Dirty Robber


Director of Photography
Jeff Bierman


Tyler Ross

Luke Tierney - 26th Feb 2014

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