Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2014

Gem Club's Polly - written about lead singer Christopher Barnes's late aunt who he lost to Alzheimer's disease, is subject to this very poignant promo for Matthew Satlon and Charlie Engman. 

The video depicts the relationship and day to day life between an older white woman (played by Engman's mother) and a younger black woman. Their odd relationship is ambiguous, displaying both sexual and motherly undercurrents. They're inseparable, perhaps the same person, but their strange fantastical relationship soon devolves...


DirectorMatthew Salton
DirectorCharlie Engman
ProducerAndy Berner
Executive ProducerMatthew Salton
Director of PhotographyCharlie Engman
WardrobeCharlie Engman
HairCharlie Engman
EditorAndy Berner
Lead actorKathleen McCain Engman
Lead actorKrystel Roche
LabelHardly Art

Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2014

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