David Knight - 27th Jan 2014

The night-time adventures of Roman continue on from the well-received Aftermaths series, this time expanding beyond the 42 second clips into a full-length video.

Federico Urdaneta returns as director, weaving his camera in a dance of death with Roman's impassioned performance - he's a real rock 'n roll cabaret artist of the old school. Along the way it becomes clear that the night is not going to end well - but that's one hell of a jacket...

Watch 'Roman 'Dangerous Love' by Federico Urdaneta' here


DirectorFederico Urdaneta
ProducerTilly Shiner
ProducerBecan Rickard-Elliot
EditorFederico Urdaneta
Director of PhotographyEd Tucker
Production CompanyHuman
Art DirectorTess Gammell
Lead actorClaudia Coulter, Terry Perkins, Luke Stockmans
LabelFake Fake Records Records

David Knight - 27th Jan 2014

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