Jimmy Brown - 13th Jan 2014

Dawid Krepski's promo for Fake Love by Polish band Fair Weather Friends sees the director set up shop at a creepy, abandoned resort engulfed by fog.

Partly financed by fans of the band, actress Katarzyna Joda gets into her sinister role and commits all manner of strangeness in a blood-splattered dress, seen at the finale wielding a pair of scissors over a motionless body...


"The script was inspired by murders committed by people closely related to the victim. Frequently such assailants experience short-term memory loss, not remembering at all the tragedy that took place several hours before".


DirectorDawid Krepski
ProducerMagdalena Gaca
EditorDawid Krepski
Director of PhotographyMichal Pukowiec
Art DirectorEwa Solecka
Art DirectorAgata Lepacka
Lead actorKatarzyna Joda
ColouristLukasz Huptys

Jimmy Brown - 13th Jan 2014

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