David Knight - 8th Jan 2014

A couple of years ago Ben Dauré and Tom Box created a dystopian futureworld doomed to destruction in an epic animated production for Mishkin's Good Day To Die. Now they have trumped that effort with another vision of a utopian world rent asunder by alien invasion, and then defended with equal destructive power, for Makina's The Invaders.

This was a massive labour of love by Ben and Tom that's been in the making for two years. To tell the tale of the alien invasion and then defence by an insect robot army, after the initial storyboard stage Tom drew everything in Photoshop. And for every one of the 124 shots, he separated each individual item into layers ready for animating. Ben then animated the scene in After Effects.

Nearly all of the explosions and fire were created from scratch in FumeFx. After the animating was complete Ben took the scenes into Premiere CC where they were edited together in line with the animatic and sound effects were added.

Ben and Tom are in there as well. In the Mishkin video they added themselves into the end, dressed like raiders from some lost forgotten desert world. This time however they've gone all out – and have the characters destroy each other throughout the end credits.

Ben Dauré & Tom Box: 

"We made this video purely and simply because it is incredible fun to create something so vast and initially daunting. Even if we had all of the money in the world we would still create things like this.

"Nothing beats the feeling of creating something on such a large scale, from scratch. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. It took a lot of time and effort but it was worth every second."


DirectorBen Daure
IllustratorTom Box
Production CompanyGrape Productions
AnimatorBen Daure
Lead DesignerTom Box
Other creditsConcept & Story: Ben Dauré and Tom Box

David Knight - 8th Jan 2014

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