David Knight - 7th Jan 2014

Carrying on from a run of richly inventive interactive videos at the end of 2013 - including the Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone video and the 24 Hour video for Pharrell's Happy – comes this latest project from interactive video experts Eli Stonberg and Jeff Greco aka fourclops, who have created True Tube for DJ superstar Avicii.

True Tube is an interactive video platform allowing users to 'mash up' tracks from Avicii's album True with their favourite videos on YouTube. As is crucial with all successful interactive music videos, the idea is dead simple to grasp, and it's very easy to create your own mashups: on the creator page, you select your own YouTube choose an Avicii song and preview your creation. "The idea is based on the concept of synchronicity and was inspired by mashups such as The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon," Eli and Jeff explain.

But then there's also a clever bit to make the mashups really work. "To tweak your your remix to perfection, we’ve added sync points to the video and audio timelines," explain Eli and Jeff. "For instance, you can place a sync point on an explosion in the video and line it up with the beat drop in Avicii’s track."

No wonder has already proved to be a big hit - it's already generated thousands of mash-ups. 

Watch 'Avicii 'True Tube' by Fourclops' here



David Knight - 7th Jan 2014

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