David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

A superb animated video in the classic cel style for veteran French outfit Kaly Live Dub - originally a reggae-roots band who have long since embraced synths and samples – and the title track from their new album Allaxis, by Wasaru - that's Lille-based director/animator Thomas Fourniret. 

The apparently normal everyman driver of a classic big American car finds himself travelling with a shape-shifting passenger - and things get serious when the Magnum comes out. And we're not talking ice cream...


AnimatorDavid Cazeaux
AnimatorDavid Decobert
AnimatorMarion Delannoy
AnimatorJean-Philippe Florin
IllustratorJérémy Couturier
LabelJarring Effects
Other creditsCar consultant & vectorization : Kurt602 Compositing consultant : Duduf Producer consultant & Food supplier: Kathrin Wczasek Executive consultants: Clint Kallaghan & Alan Smithee

David Knight - 28th Nov 2013

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