David Knight - 26th Nov 2013

The video for Irish band Bouts' Pliable is all about sex, but it treats the subject in a very unusual way: it makes it normal. This is an honest depiction of three young couples – two hetero, one gay - going to bed and having it off the way most people do. 

It's a video by new Dublin-based directing duo Spiceburger (although one half of the team, Ged Murray, directed the very funny video for No Monster Club's La La Land last year), and as they point out, it's eyebrow-raising stuff for conservative Ireland.

But ultimately the purpose isn't the viewer's tittilation, but to show sex as an enjoyable part of everyday life - and an expression of tenderness and love.

Spiceburger: "To compliment the song we wanted to make a triumphant celebration of real, messy, goofy sex.

"It was challenging getting this done on a small budget. We shot on a dull, Dublin Monday with the help of a dedicated and up for it cast and crew. It's something we've not seen Irish music videos attempt before as we're still a wee bit conservative over here. Hopefully the explicit nature of the end result is balanced by out by its sweetness."


Director of PhotographyDeirdre O'Toole
ColouristDave Hughes
LabelWonky Carousel
Other creditsCast: Greici Rosa, Dean Thomas, Melissa Carton, Emmet Byrne, David Magee

David Knight - 26th Nov 2013

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